Aveda Makeup Discontinued: Is Aveda Discontinuing Their Makeup?

Many people are complaining about not finding specific makeup products from their favorite brand, Aveda. So, why is it happening?

Today, we’ll highlight one specific question. Aveda makeup discontinued: is Aveda discontinuing their makeup? Let’s find out. 

Is Aveda Discontinuing Their Makeup?

Unfortunately, Aveda is discontinuing most of its makeup items. It can be confusing because they didn’t officially announce anything about it.

But that’s the thing, brands rarely announce when they discontinue their products. 

It’s frustrating for a lot of people because it’s not easy to find a brand that you feel comfortable with. Many users are disappointed because they’ve been using the brand for years.

One specific item that keeps coming up in discussions is the face powder from Aveda. 

When you find the perfect shade, coverage, and prize, you never want to switch the brand. But unfortunately, people using the Aveda face powder can’t find the item anymore. 

Where To Get Aveda Makeup?

Even though most makeup items from Aveda have been discontinued by the brand, you can still find products from Aveda online.

So, should you buy Aveda products online?

You can buy them if you can locate original sellers. It takes some time for products to entirely disappear from the market after the brand discontinues.

So, if you’re lucky, you may still find some items available online. 

Note that there are scammers online, so make sure that you’re spending your money on a trusted seller.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can’t use makeup from Aveda for long. The stocks online sellers have will soon run out and you won’t find the items again. 

So, you will have to look for alternatives sooner or later. Luckily, there are plenty of options you can try.

Alternatives To Aveda Makeup:

There are some brands you can look into for similar products that Aveda used to offer. 


L’oreal will satisfy you if you are searching for excellent options within an affordable price range. There is a wide range of products available too.

If you want something like face powder, you will get a diverse collection of shades that Aveda didn’t have. 


Sephora has some excellent options available too. If you want a variety of affordable makeup items, Sephora is the go-to brand you should consider exploring.

Besides, if you’re visiting one of their branches, you can take a look at other brands too. 

Urban Decay:

Another comparable brand you can check is Urban Decay. It’s a popular brand among makeup users and has become a first choice among strong competitors.

Depending on what products you are looking for, this may become your next favorite brand after Aveda. 

Why Is Aveda Makeup Discontinued?

Because the brand didn’t do any formal announcement, it’s hard to specify the reason. However, the most common reason why a brand discontinues its products is when the items don’t have enough demand in the market. 

Aveda is owned by the brand Estée Lauder. So, another probable reason for discontinuing their product could be a conflict in sales for similar makeup items. 

If you are determined to use similar products you have been using from Aveda, you can contact Estée Lauder to see if they offer the same products under another brand name or not. 

Final Words:

Regardless of why Aveda is discontinuing its makeup items, it’s time to find alternatives.

Even though you can find some products still available online on different e-commerce platforms, they will run out of stock soon too.

So, take your time to research different brands and find the items that specifically suit you.

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