Bag Balm VS. Working Hands: What makes them different!

Every time anyone talks about skin issues, people with oily or sensitive skin are always at the center of the topic. That often leaves out people who have dry skin, whose sufferings start every winter.

Most people depend on moisturizers, creams, and lotions to keep their skin normal and nourished, such as Bag Balm, Working Hands, etc.

But are they the same thing? Yes, they are moisturizers and fixers of specific dry skin problems. However, they might differ in multiple aspects.

Stick to the end of the discussion to learn about Bag Balm vs Working Hands.

Bag Balm VS. Working Hands: A Side By Side Comparison:

Features Bag BalmWorking Hands
Primary IngredientsLanolin and petroleum jellyGlycerin and dimethicone
TextureCreamy and thickNon-greasy and soft
AppearanceLight yellowWhite
UsesDry skin, minor wounds, etc.Dry and chapped skin
Side EffectsFever, skin issues, bleeding, etc.Skin and  eye irritation
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Differences Between Bag Balm And Working Hands:

Primary Ingredients:

Bag Balm

The primary ingredients of Bag Balm are petroleum and lanolin.

The first one, an occlusive agent, lessens water loss through our skin. Our body temperature is around the melting point of petroleum.

So, it softens our skin when applied and builds a water-resistant layer to keep that area well-hydrated.

And lanolin, an animal-based material collected from sheep, also does the same job as an occlusive agent with its cholesterol, a high lipid component.

Additionally, the other two main components used in formulating Bag Balm are paraffin wax and 8-Hrdroxyquinoline sulfate.

The first is an odorless and soft petroleum-based ingredient consisting of hydrocarbon particles used in Bag Balm to keep the other elements bound together.

Finally, the 8-hydroxyquinoline sulfate is a metal-chelating agent used in the moisturizer as a preserving ingredient for its antiseptic and antibacterial characteristics. That is why you can use Bag Balm to heal your wounds.

Working Hands

Working Hands follows a cost-efficient and simple formula comprising glycerin and mineral oil.

Ginger King, a cosmetic chemist, states that glycerin has a humectant characteristic, meaning it can preserve or retain the moisture in your skin.

Then there is dimethicone, a skin protectant that keeps it well-lubricated. They two make the principal drivers in the Working Hands cream solution.

Apart from glycerin and dimethicone, the cream also has mineral oil. Although that is not ideal for your face since it can be pore-clogging, it will not be an issue as it is a hand cream.

Some of us often tend to apply hand creams on our faces. Be mindful of the consequences if you are one.


Bag Balm

Bag Balm is not a vegan-friendly product. If you have read about its primary ingredients, you must have noticed that a key component of the cream, lanolin, comes from wool-bearing animals, like alpacas, sheep, and camels.

It is a yellow wax generated by their oil glands (sebaceous).

So, while Bag Balm cannot claim to be vegan-friendly, it does declare to be vegetarian and conduct cruelty-free manufacturing processes.

Working Hands

On the plus side, Working Hands strongly promises to be vegan-friendly. It strongly believes in protecting animal rights and refrains from performing animal testing and using animal-derived materials or by-products.

We have also checked its product ingredients and can validate the brand’s claim. Every material it sources for its production is organic.


Bag Balm

At first, Bag Balm was not intended to be used by humans. Farmers in the USA primarily used the cream on their cows after milking them. It alleviated the soreness and irritation of their udders.

However, after a while, they found that the cream worked like a charm on their skin too.

So they began to use it for themselves during winter, turning Bag Balm into a skincare product in no time.

For example, you can use it for rough, chapped, and dry skin on your hands, feet, elbows, and other body parts.

Or you can wear it on your lips to keep the skin soft in winter. The petroleum base, coupled with lanolin, will keep your skin secure from further water loss.

It also reduces the burning sensation caused by minor burns. That includes sunburn too. Moms can use it on their babies, too, to treat diaper rash.

The lanolin in Bag Balm will take care of such skin issues with its healing characteristics.

The paraffin wax will play a vital role in treating you if you have minor wounds like scrapes or small cuts. It will also nourish your nails and prevent the cuticles around them from pulling away.

Recently, many people have reported positive experiences from using bag balm during tattoo aftercare.

However, it might not be as useful because of having a petroleum base. It is better to look for specific tattoo aftercare products instead.

Working Hands

The Working Hands moisturizer’s most essential use is protecting dry and chapped skin by retaining moisture. Along with reducing water loss, it can also draw moisture to your skin.

Enhancing the moisture levels in an instant, it will build a protective barrier in your skin to lock that moisture.


Bag Balm

Bag Balm has a powerful medicinal odor that smells pungent in the beginning but will go away as you apply it to your skin.

Since it is not like typical beauty products, it does not bring you the fragrance of some exotic flowers.

Instead, the medicinal scent is due to the 8-hydroxyquinoline that is also responsible for the cream’s yellow color and antiseptic properties.

Working Hands

On the other hand, Working Hands is completely free of any odor. Unlike most lotions and moisturizers, it will not bother you with a stinging smell after putting it on.

Side Effects:

Bag Balm

Although unusual, some people might experience adverse and sometimes severe side effects from using bag balm.

Symptoms of those side effects include blistered, itching, rash, swollen, peeling, or red skin along with fever or without; breathing problems; excessive hoarseness; wheezing; swelling of the lips, throat, face, or mouth; etc.

Other than that, you might also get a high fever or abnormal bleeding. Skin infections, such as pain, oozing, and swelling, could also be among the symptoms.

Furthermore, the 8-hydroxyquinoline sulfate in the product can cause eye damage, which is why the NIH gave it a danger rating.

Working Hands

Generally, Working Hands does not have any side effects under regular use conditions. According to the brand, there will be no skin irritation or reaction.

However, it could still irritate your eyes and even skin issues if you use it excessively.

Final Words:

In summary, the Bag Balm VS. Working Hands comparison shows that you can use both moisturizers to keep your skin healthy and moist by blocking water evaporation.

But when you go into the details, you will find the differences. You will see that Bag Balm serves more purposes than Working Hands, owing to its antiseptic properties.

While both are safe to use for everyone, there might be specific but rare side effects. So, whatever you decide to use, do so based on what your skin needs.

Regardless, if you do experience any side effects, seek medical attention immediately.

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