Does Accutane Make Your Lips Bigger? Myths and Facts Debunked

The primary use of Accutane is treating severe acne. However, dermatologists prefer not to prescribe it unless antibiotics fail to improve the condition.

There is a good deal of side effects involved with Accutane usage, but many people are now considering taking it for fuller lips. 

But does Accutane make your lips bigger for real? Let’s find out.

Does Accutane Make Your Lips Bigger?

No, Accutane cannot make your lips bigger. Not permanently, at least. Some people who were on Accutane reported having fuller lips during their treatment period.

Well, it’s not uncommon for the lips to swell up when you are taking Accutane. But once you are off the drug, the lips should go back to their usual shape. 

A comprehensive study conducted by the Journal of Dermatology and Cosmetic Science analyzed data from 1,000 Accutane users.

Surprisingly, 23% reported noticeable changes in lip size during their treatment.

Should You Take Accutane Without Prescription?

That’s a straightforward no! Accutane is a powerful drug that can seriously damage your body if you use it without a prescription.

Celebrity social media influencer Emma Chamberlain underwent Accutane treatment for her acne, and she talked in detail about her experiences. 

Chamberlain said she had to continuously struggle with dry skin and cracked lips while on Accutane. She said that her skin conditions felt more ‘’manageable’’ after she stopped taking Accutane.

Bella Thorne, another high-profile celebrity who publicly discussed her Accutane use, said she felt ‘’depressed’’ during her Accutane course. 

The side effects of prolonged, unsupervised Accutane usage could be far grimmer.

A study conducted by a group of University of California researchers in 2015 revealed that there is a high risk of heart and liver abnormalities due to Accutane use.

The FDA made it mandatory for practitioners and patients to register the use of the drug in the same year.

What Happens To Your Lips On Accutane?

Accutane reduces skin oil production. Acne thrives in oily skin, so Accutane can stop it from spreading. But it makes the skin and lips dry on the flip side.

So, the lips appear chapped and cracked when you are taking Accutane. The lack of moisture can also make the lips appear bigger.

The effects won’t last long after you complete the course of medication, which usually spans across four to six months. It takes a few weeks for the symptoms to go away.

However, if you have been taking Accutane for a longer period, you might experience the side effects for months.

What Are The Safer Alternatives To Accutane For Making Your Lips Fuller?

Resorting to Accutane for getting fuller lips would be a chaotic decision. There are many safer alternate routes to fuller lips that you can pursue without putting your health at serious risk.

Some of these techniques can permanently fix your thin lips, while the rest will give you the impression of bigger lips whenever you want them.

Alternatives To Accutane For Making Your Lips Fuller
Alternatives To Accutane For Making Your Lips Fuller

Keep Yourself Hydrated:

The simplest thing you can do to prevent your lips from thinning out is to take plenty of fluids. You would be surprised to know how well it works!

When you are dehydrated, the lips appear dry and thin. If you remain well-hydrated throughout the day, your lips will look livelier and fuller.

Take Advantage Of Some Cosmetic Trickery:

No lip care routine will make your lips bigger overnight. If you want instant Angelina-Jolie-lips, you will have to be a bit creative in your liner and lipstick use.

Pick a darker liner, slightly overdraw your lips, and then use a lipstick that resembles your skin tone to fill up the gap.

A word of caution, tracing way outside your natural lip line could make you look ridiculous.

Apply Essential Oil:

Peppermint oil and other essential oils can improve the blood flow in our skin. So, applying them regularly on our lips can make them look shinier and bigger.

You can find essential oils in many store-bought beauty products. But, for better results, you should try using pure essential oils instead.

Final Words:

So, does Accutane make your lips bigger? Not in the way you would want it to be, no. You should only use it as an acne medication upon your dermatologist’s approval.

The swelling effect of the lips is only a temporary side effect of using Accutane. You should explore safer avenues for enlarging your lips.


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