Eyeliner Gives Me Headache: Reasons and Solutions

If you use makeup frequently, you will get used to some difficulties. Because of health difficulties spanning from acne to headaches, some people are unable to use specific items.

Many cosmetic items available on the market can cause headaches. You might be wondering if particular eyeliners fall under this category.

Eyeliner gives me headache?

The ingredients in the eyeliner are causing your headaches, It can also be the application technique. It could be something you’ve never experienced before, but you’re now having headaches by applying eyeliner. But if you choose and apply your eyeliner correctly, you can get rid of the headache.

In this article we will know more about why this happens and how to get rid of it.

Can Eyeliner Give You a Headache?

Eyeliner is a trendy cosmetic used by many ladies. A girl can be fancy and spend over $1000 on eyeliner. Eyeliners help you to get a perfect eye look. It can improve your eye form, give the illusion of larger eyes, or define your eyes.

Eyeliner can give you a headache. Many people have complained of headaches and migraines after utilising eyeliner. You may be unaware that the eyeliner is influencing you. And so you continue to use it for a while before realising it causes migraines.

if you have an allergy to one or more of the substances, it can be a problem.  If you are allergic to eyeliner ingredients like: propylene glycol or formaldehyde, then it  can induce headaches.

Fragrances are another migraine trigger in eyeliners. Strong-smelling goods might cause allergic reactions in certain persons. However, the headache is not caused by the smell in this case. 

The product is created by the chemical composition. They can induce asthmatic attacks and cause skin redness, in addition to creating odour-related headaches.

Is Eyeliner Safe for Your Eyes?

Eyeliner is applied in a very sensitive area of your body, your eyes. So, you should be aware that it doesn’t do any harm to any part of the eyes. Eyeliners are generally safe for your eyes.

But chemicals from the eyeliner you’re using pass via your skin’s pores. The products enter your blood vessels after passing through your skin. You may have headaches if you are allergic to any of the substances in the eyeliner.

The application process is also a factor causing headaches and migraine. It requires a level of focus, even if putting eyeliner has become second nature. If you don’t apply it correctly, it causes a headache.

Problems Eyeliner Can Cause

Eyeliner can cause some severe problems. It can cause discomfort to your eyes. It may also cause redness and irritation in your eyes.

It also causes eye infections and blurred eye vision. All these problems may result in causing headaches.

Why Eyeliner Cause Headache

Eyeliner may cause headaches for many reasons. It may differ from person to person. For instance, if you have sensitive eyes, you may get a headache from using eyeliner.

Not applying the eyeliner properly can also cause a headache. As eyes are very sensitive, if you use eyeliner roughly, it can result in a headache.

All different people have different skin types. So, all eyeliner may not suit you. If you don’t apply the perfect one which suits you, you may get a headache.

If you have dry eyes, you may get a headache from your eyeliner. It’s tough to apply eyeliner for dry eyes.

Eyeliner may contain some allergen properties which cause headaches. One of the prevalent particles is formaldehyde which causes irritation. Formaldehyde may be labelled under another particle, so it’s hard to find.

Parabens are worse for your skin and body. They can do both long term and short term damage to your body. The parabens used in eyeliner commonly are propyl, ethyl. Butyl Parabens.

Parabens are becoming more linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and fertility issues. Once inside your body, they upset the delicate balance of hormones.

 Propylene Glycol is largely utilised in antifreeze and, of course, cosmetics. This includes eyeliner as well.

Among the preservatives, propylene glycol stands out. It is a petroleum-based compound that has not been altered from its natural condition.

That means you’re getting the same Propylene Glycol used in antifreeze. As it hasn’t been changed to accommodate cosmetic use.

The chemicals indicated above have been modified to make them safer for human consumption and use. However, this is not for Propylene Glycol.

The fragrances in the eyeliner can also cause you a headache. The artificial fragrances don’t suit the sensitive eyes.

How to Deal With the Headache?

Dealing with a headache is an afterthought that adds little to the solution. 

For starters, use hypoallergenic eyeliner like Physician’s Formula Ultra-Black, Ilia Clean Liquid Liner, or Honest Beauty Vibeliner.

You should also look for eyeliners and cosmetics that are devoid of parabens and Paba. Because of its widespread success in preventing UV radiation, finding eyeliner without para-aminobenzoic acid is a little more challenging.

You also need to remove your eyeliner. Otherwise, it can cause a headache too. There are some amazing eye makeup removers that will work best in this case.

You can apply eyeliner to your eyes without hurting them. You might be able to blink your eyelid shut without tugging your eyelid if you use a gel or liquid eyeliner. The inner corner should be avoided. 

To reduce the irritation of wearing makeup, start the line right outside the inner corner. Extend the line toward the outside corner. Choose your eyeliner properly and check the elements used in the eyeliner.

It may be harder to find exactly what you’re looking for, and it may also be a process of elimination as you try to figure out what chemical is causing your problems.


Is the investment in permanent eyeliner worthwhile?

For folks who use eyeliner every day, permanent eyeliner is a life-saving procedure. It saves you time and effort while providing a custom upgrade that will last for years. However, as with any permanent cosmetic process, it requires a few weeks of healing time. But it might be inconvenient.

What is causing my eyeliner to irritate my eyes?

The oily portion of the lacrimal gland that hydrates your eyes is produced by these oil glands. Makeup can obstruct these oil glands, resulting in a tear film that is unstable and evaporates too soon. This might cause dryness and discomfort in the eyes. For saving your eyes from it, avoid putting eyeliner on the edges of your eyelids.

Will my artificial lashes fall out if I cry?

When you cry, your false eyelashes may fall out. Most artificial eyelashes and eyelash extensions are waterproof and will stay on even if you cry. Washing and keeping lashes are vital for lash longevity and optimum eye health since salt and oils can damage lash adhesive and clump lashes together.


I hope we have successfully described why eyeliners give me headaches. You should find many eyeliner in the market. And they let you face headaches if you’re allergic to some of the ingredients found in eyeliners.

So, always be cautious.


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