Foundation Pump Not Working- Briefed with Easy 3 Steps

You are going through a rush hour and gonna make the final touch by using your favourite foundation. But suddenly you realise that your foundation pump is not working.

Because maybe the pump may get jammed and it is a nuisance. You’re thinking, “it’s not even half used, where all the foundation has gone!”

Foundation pump not working?

The tiny aperture in the pump is prone to product particle clogging. This causes a clog. To fix your foundation pump by cleaning, first, hold it in place by gripping the smooth side. Move the nozzle and twist it. Clean the residue, wait to dry out the pump. Your foundation pump will start working.

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Why Is My Foundation Pump Not Working?

Your foundation pump may not be working for a variety of reasons. It’s most likely that the foundation residue has dried out, which is the most likely explanation.

The problem was caused by this material clogging the pump’s entrance. Another possibility is that the pump has air trapped inside of it.

If your foundation is built on an air pump foundation, you’re more likely to run into this issue.

The narrow hole in the pump is prone to become clogged with product particles over time. This leads to a blockage.

Mousse foundations tend to break apart at the end of the pump. These leave behind small bits of foundation. The foundation pump can get a crusty clog.

  1. Air Bubbles and Jams: The Culprits

Air Bubbles: The Silent Saboteurs

Air bubbles are like mischievous little elves that sneak into your foundation bottle when you least expect it.

They disrupt the flow, causing frustration and leaving you with uneven coverage. Here’s how to tackle them:

Symptoms: Your pump seems uncooperative, and no foundation comes out.

Solution: Fear not! Grab a wrench (yes, you read that right) and hold the bottle firmly. Twist the top until it pops up. Voilà! The air bubble is banished.

Jammed Pumps: The Stubborn Rebels

Sometimes, pumps decide to go on strike. They jam, refusing to dispense your precious foundation. But fear not; we’ve got your back:

Symptoms: The pump feels stuck, like a door that won’t budge.

Solution: Channel your inner handyman. Twist the top with the wrench (again!) to unjam it. If that fails, try tapping the bottle upside down against a hard surface. Ten to fifteen taps should do the trick.

  1. The Date Dilemma: Is Your Foundation Past Its Prime?

Your foundation has an expiration date, just like that forgotten yogurt in the back of your fridge. Here’s how to check:

Symptoms: Pump still misbehaving? It might be time to part ways.

Solution: Investigate the date of purchase. If your foundation has outlived its usefulness, bid it farewell. Remember, even makeup has a shelf life.

  1. The Lid Lockdown: Tightening the Base

The foundation pump’s secret lies in its base. Sometimes, it’s just a tad too loose. Here’s the fix:

Symptoms: The pump won’t unlock, like a stubborn treasure chest.

Solution: Give the base a gentle twist. The valve inside will catch, and your pump will spring to life. Tighten it just enough—no need to go all Hercules on it.

How to Fix My Foundation Pump?

There are instances when the packaging itself can be difficult! Foundation pumps contain some difficult-to-open pumps, as the problem is pointed out to us.

A step-by-step guide has been devised to help you unlock the difficult pumps! You may get started using the foundation right away if you follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Repair Kits for Your Foundation Pump

There are certain tools required for this process, but it’s been kept as simple as possible! 

This Is What You’ll Need

  • Foundation with a pump that won’t open,
  • Pliers with a needle nose or another type of plier end,
  • And a little bit of a boost!

How to Unclog Your Pump with These Simple Steps

Step 1: Hold the Pipe

Using your pliers, hold the pump in place by gripping the smooth side.

Step 2: Move the Nozzle

While using the pliers, slowly and steadily pull outward on the smooth part of the nozzle. Do it until it is open.

Step 3: Crank the Nozzle

Once you see the stem emerge, continue to twist the handle until it does. Voila!

If you’re looking to save money, you may want to consider how to get foundation out of a pump bottle.

The amount of foundation you should apply is between a cent and a quarter. Make sure to apply to your face and neck properly.

BOOM! There you go! After reading this, you’re well on your way to having a healthy, radiant makeup look.

And bonus, you’ll have a jam-free, unclogged foundation pump just like the new one!

When a Liquid Foundation Won’t Disperse Properly, What May be Done?

You may face this issue when the foundation pump is not working properly. When it comes to getting these foundations up and running, this is a very significant topic.

Your liquid luminous foundation sample can be difficult to extract. If you are unable to tilt the container upside down. So that you can see the bottom of the product.

You’ll see a small hole at the bottom of this container if you take a closer look at it. you may need to unclog it.

You won’t be able to use the product’s vacuum mechanism if this is clogged. Which means zero dispensing for you.

Push a pin/safety pin into this hole and wiggle it about a little bit. That’s all it takes. Once the blocks have been removed, the dispensing will work again!

In some circumstances, this may be somewhat obscured by the foundation’s base/color label. Use a safety pin to again pierce the label.

Reach into the small hole to unblock any obstructions. Your dispenser will start working again from here on out. The same method is the solution of how to open airless pump bottle.

Tips That Address a Wide Range of Issues

When your favorite beauty product explodes or gets clogged, it may be a filthy situation. You may be able to repair other broken cosmetics.

But what about the foundation that has become clogged?

You may think about how to fix foundation pump. Irritating everyday experiences can be remedied by reading on.

Tip 1: Unclog Dry Foundation

The nozzle can be cleaned by passing it under a stream of hot water.

Remove the lid and soak the obstruction in rubbing alcohol if this doesn’t work.

Try spritzing the water solution in brief spurts instead of one constant stream. Always shake the bottle as instructed.

Tip 2: Stuck Nozzle Top

To begin, try soaking the seam in hot water. If the lid is really stuck, try using rubber jar openers or pliers to twist it off. Remover-soaked cotton pads can be used to wipe the pump’s edges before closing.

Tip 3: Blocked Foundation Pump

To remove the obstruction, poke it with a hairpin, skewer, or needle. Wipe the pump’s tip after each usage to avoid contamination in the first place. These tips will also help while looking for a brand new lotion pump not working.


How do you get the beauty pump to work?

Remove the pump from the bottle, and clean and dry the shaft. After that, grab the pump’s shaft firmly under the pump’s collar and twist it to the right.

In order to re-use your new product, simply open the pump and re-insert it into the bottle. That should be helpful, we hope!

How can you get the foundation to spill out of its container?

Use a hammer to break the container near the neck gently. Don’t use too much pressure, because you do not want tiny shards.

A compact container with a tight-fitting lid should be used to store the remaining product.

Is there anything you can do with the foundation that you have leftover?

Take a few drops of your preferred moisturiser and a foundation of the same amount. All you need to apply the final layers of makeup. Mix it together in your palm.

Use a damp sponge or brush to apply the mixture to your face.  As the tinted moisturiser dilutes the foundation’s colour, your favourite foundation will appear more natural.

Final Words

We’ve covered all you need to know about why your foundation pump is not working.

Fixing your foundation pump doesn’t need you to return it. Or throw away any of the parts you purchased.

Keep your foundation in a cooler place and away from sunlight. Make sure to lid your foundation tightly after every use.

This will help to block the air and keep the foundation from drying out.

Have a good makeup day!

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