Is Gege Bear Makeup Safe? Here’s what you need to know!

Gege Bear makeup is a common name on apps like Shein, Amazon, and Temu. Plus, it is a popular choice for many makeup lovers because of its varieties and low prices.

While the lack of standard quality may not bother you because of the affordability, safety is a genuine concern.

That is especially true when it is about a brand that has no shopping site of its own. The question becomes even more legitimate now.

Is Gege Bear makeup safe? Let’s find out.

Is Gege Bear Makeup Safe?

Gege Bear has a large number of products available online on different shopping and e-commerce sites. But it does not have its own official site.

So, it is obvious if the lack of information makes you skeptical.

The positive thing is that there have been no scandals or scams about the brand’s products. People have regularly bought them from Temu and Shein and never complained.

However, I would like to discuss a particular product and its ingredients. That way, you would at least get some general idea about the brand’s production.

Gege Bear Milk Cute Press Powder: An Overview Of Its Ingredients

Ethylhexyl Palmitate

It is a medium-spreading emollient ester used in cosmetics to maintain your skin’s elasticity and softness while enhancing the formula’s richness.

Manufacturers often use it to replace mineral oil, blending it with different emollients to obtain various sensorial characteristics.


A common silicone, dimethicone is a polymer molecule. With various molecular weights, its viscosity ranges from light as water to thick fluid.

When used in makeup, it smoothens the skin texture by creating a light gloss and forming a protective layer. Besides, it fills in wrinkles and makes the skin look bubbly.

Of course, that is a temporary fix. With Gege Bear, it might last even shorter. However, it is not unsafe.

Ci 77891

Titanium dioxide, or TiO2, goes by this color code, Ci 77891. It is a natural mineral, a white pigment, used in press powders and sunscreens to maintain color consistency.

There are mixed findings about the effects of Ci 77891. However, the use of nanosized TiO2 could be detrimental to one’s health.

The press powder’s ingredient list does not mention that it is not nano-based.

Again, there have been no incidents indicating the repercussions experienced by any user.

Methylparaben (MP)

Paraben is a familiar name in the domain of ingredients known to be harmful to our body system. It is a preservative used to make a makeup formula last longer.

According to research, skin cells treated with MP suffer more severely than those not treated with MP from light exposure.

It has also been linked to endocrine disorders and fertility problems.

Fragrances (Perfume)

Fragrance or perfume adds a nice scent to a cosmetic item. But the risk is that you can never know what it contains. It is especially more concerning for sensitive skin because it can cause severe allergies.

Furthermore, most fragrances often contain an ingredient called phthalate. It could be a connection to breast cancer.

What Are People Saying About Gege Bear?

Although it looks shady that there is no authentic site of Gege Bear, that appears to be fine for its buyers. They have also searched for it online but haven’t found anything.

But there is no fuss about its existence because of its products. Apparently, people love Gege Bear. It does not deliver the best quality but definitely meets the expectations.

For example, the eye and lip products have been admired by customers. Of course, they do not last long, but they get the job done.

It also needs to be mentioned that some people are suspicious that the products might be counterfeit, given the low price.

Again, there has been no evidence to back that, just as there has not been any evidence about the safety of the products.

So, it is probably safe to assume that Gege Bear makeup is safe. As a customer, you can keep purchasing from it.

Then again, you have learned about the ingredients and their effects. Besides, note that the quality is not that good.

Therefore, if and whenever you feel the slightest discomfort after using anything from Gege Bear, take a break and see a professional.

Final Words

So, is Gege Bear makeup safe? Yes, it is. There is nothing, even nearly a rumor, about its product. Even customers on different platforms expressed their satisfaction using the brand’s products.

On the contrary, since it only sells through portals and has no website, there is very little to know about its products and their ingredients.

I have discussed one product’s ingredients to help you understand the common materials it uses in its cosmetics.

As the quality is not guaranteed, do not expect much from them.

Additionally, look for signs after using the products and immediately seek medical attention if you find any.

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