Is Prose Good For Hair Loss? User’s Opinion about it!

There is no denying that hair loss is frustrating. A lot of us go crazy over finding the right solution to end this nightmare.

Prose has become just that for many.

But how many make an effort to get to the details of how it does what promises? Is Prose good for hair loss? Can it really do that?

Let’s talk about that.

Is Prose Good For Hair Loss?

Some ingredients in some users’ individualized Prose shampoo solutions were found to contain the quality of reducing hair loss.

Here is a list of them.

Jojoba Seed Oil:

A comprehensive study on the chemistry, toxicity, and pharmaceutical uses of jojoba seed oil found that the ingredient can improve hair condition by increasing its breakage resistance.

You can look that up in the Polymers journal to learn more about it.

Argan Oil:

Argan oil is a popular ingredient for hair cosmetics. As per a study in the International Journal of Trichology, it can keep your hair hydrophobic and moisturized.

Another paper on argan oil published in the Alternative Medical Review supports that, mentioning its use to prevent dry hair and hair loss.

Sacha Inchi Seed Oil:

93.69% content of this exotic oil is an unsaturated fatty acid, and the rest is a saturated fatty acid.

It is highly enriched with Omega-3 (48%) and Omega-6 (33%), all of which contribute to reduced hair loss and better hair growth.

Cell Extract Of Lilac Leaves:

The extract of lilac can make your hair healthier by working at your hair’s root, shaft, and scalp and reinforcing natural protection.

A month-long study on 20 women found that 90% of them experienced less hair damage and higher hair glow after using a formulation of lilac extract.

Other research works explored the qualities of other ingredients like linoleic acid and panthenol and found favorable results.

However, the only component that seemed a bit odd was sodium benzoate. It could cause problems for some users as an artificial preservative.

What Are People Saying About It?

While research findings suggest that Prose uses ingredients beneficial for your hair’s health, that did not happen to everyone.

Many people complained about severe hair loss after using the brand’s haircare products.

According to them, the brand gave them new and more serious hair problems instead of solving the previous ones. And as soon as they stopped using it, the issues were mitigated.

Then again, we found this feedback on Reddit. So you should not dismiss Prose entirely.

Notwithstanding that, it is smart to ask people you know about their experiences and get an idea about the product. You may hear about a questionnaire from them.

It illustrates an array of questions to understand your hair type and condition to figure out the right formula to customize for you.

For example, a question is whether the user is pregnant, has given birth to a child in the previous 12 months, or is a breastfeeding mother.

Many users might be reluctant to share this kind of information to buy a haircare product.

Yes, it is especially important for pregnant women to avoid products made with toxic ingredients. But that applies to everyone else, too.

Prose will also want to know about your diet, which is somewhat strange because we are not sure why being a vegan or non-vegan would matter in preparing the best shampoo formulation for you. Note that Prose will not explain that in the questionnaire.

That is not all. Once you answer the question and give your area’s ZIP code, the brand will create a more confusing grade card about the area’s environmental factors, i.e., water hardness, humidity, wind, etc., which will be rated in that scorecard.

Again, you will not find any explanation or citation to give you information to back up such a rating. How does the brand determine water hardness or the level of local pollution? How does any of those factors influence the ingredients of your shampoo?

The lack of any scientific basis might confuse or even frustrate a user. Prose has not provided any evidence to support that this customized approach generates better results than regular products.

Final Words:

So, what do you think? Is Prose hair good for hair loss? Or is it bad? Let me summarize that for you.

Prose uses some ingredients in its products, which have been found to have hair loss-reducing properties, according to research.

Based on that, you can make it a part of your hair care routine.

However, people have also complained that they did not get desired results. You can look for more feedback and decide afterward. The price of the product is exorbitant.

So if you have doubts and extreme hair problems, maybe it would be better to consult a doctor first and then proceed accordingly.

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