Is Shany Makeup Safe? Here’s What You Need To Know

A major reason for wearing makeup for most women is its way of boosting your confidence.

So, suffice it to say, just as a reliable bunch of makeup essentials can make you rock the world with self-confidence, the wrong ones can make you feel like the world is crumbling on you, not to mention the potential skin issues that will come along the way.

So if you are the sort of person to question the safety of even highly popular makeup brands, I understand you. For example, what about Shany?

Is Shany makeup safe? Let me answer that.

Is Shany Makeup Safe?

Yes. Shany makeup is safe for every use. The brand manufactures all its products maintaining strict procedures and complying with government rules and regulations.

Moreover, everyone involved directly in the production stage operates in a completely clean, sterile, and hygienic environment to guarantee quality and safe makeup products.

However, you may have heard or read about reports of unhygienic usage. But that is an inevitable issue for everything you see in the market. Let’s get acquainted with Shany to understand more about their products.

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Shany At A Glance: How Did It Emerge?

A young woman in 2006 initiated to start the brand, now headquartered in Texas in the USA. She was a makeup enthusiast who strongly believed every woman deserved a unique, fresh, and elegant appearance.

This motto was the inspiration that fueled the brand to come up with superior-quality products made by following industrial practices.

In the promise to bring the best products to their customers, the brand always prioritized their safety and made sure never to make that an option.

The distinction of the Shany products is due to the rich and highly pigmented formulation, which also makes them versatile.

They have beginner and professional beauticians and artists review their makeup kits. That increases their reliability even more.

Another characteristic of the brand is that it has a huge motley of products in its gigantic customer basket, offering as many as 500 items to meet the makeup needs of everyone – big-sized makeup cases, convertible kits, compact primes, you name it.

What About The Quality Of Shany Makeup Ingredients?

Many users worry about the ingredients used in producing makeup items. Scandals about other brands have recently raised their concerns.

But Shany claims that the ingredients it uses are entirely safe because most of them are organic.

The company takes pride in having a dynamic team of experts and maintaining cruelty-free practices in making their makeup products.

It came into the business one and a half decades ago. It could not still be here using unsafe, fake, or subpar materials.

But note that the makeup items are NOT vegan-friendly. Although Shany does not hurt animals to make its products, it does use animal products as raw materials.

So, if you are vegan, you might want to switch to a different option.

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Is Shany Safe For The Environment?

Shany has undertaken several sustainability initiatives to mitigate the adverse effects it has on the environment.

It has adopted biodegradable and recyclable packaging options along with environment-friendly alternatives.

Apart from that, it has introduced energy-efficient processes in its production facilities and supply chains to decrease its carbon footprint.

Shany also encourages its customers to participate in its recycling programs where you can return empty, used-up product containers in exchange for attractive incentives.

Are Shany Makeup Items Costly?

Shany makeup items are costly but also budget-friendly. The pioneer of Shany started it because she was a student and could not afford the exorbitantly priced makeup stuff.

So, she decided to bring something at an affordable rate while keeping the quality intact.

The company has different products at different prices, depending on what materials were used in production.

Shany sells its products in retail shops and online in Canada, the USA, and other countries, with a large consumer base for fashion products.

They are sold at reasonable rates on par with the country’s economic policies. So, the price range generally oscillates somewhere between high-margin and low-margin makeup products.

What Are People Saying About Shany Makeup?

As it goes with everything, there is positive and negative feedback on Shany products. Have a look at both.

Positive Feedback:

Most positive reviews from customers emphasize Shany’s edge as a beauty brand. People expressed satisfaction with its product quality, highlighting the extensive collection of different colors, lasting formulations, and smooth usage.

We also found that many people received the brand’s pricing policy positively. We did not see any review about Shany makeup causing skin issues to anyone.

While users are not overly impressed with the quality, most agreed that it was reasonable compared to the price.

Negative Feedback:

There had been repeated negative feedback from multiple customers about specific issues. For instance, some complained about getting damaged products.

The packaging was clumsy, and so when they received the delivery, they found the product partly or completely smudged and unusable. It has become a common issue for Shany.

The other common complaint is color inconsistency. They did not serve customers as promised. Also, certain products did not have a variety of shades. Their unavailability bothered users.

Overall, most customer reviews talk in favor of the brand, but the unfavorable ones are concerning, too, especially if the products are costlier.

You can further look for reviews and recommendations from people around you to learn more about the brand’s service.

Final Words:

Here goes the answer again whether Shany makeup is safe or not. It is. According to the company’s claim and customer feedback, the products are safe to use.

It uses cruelty-free and natural ingredients to manufacture its makeup items.

However, they are not vegan-friendly. Shany also carries out sustainability activities to control its negative environmental impacts.

On the contrary, concerns have been raised by customers about product packaging and performance. Despite Shany’s extensive collections and large distribution channels, complaints about product unavailability were made.

So you should weigh both sides to make your purchase decision from the brand.

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