Is Sheglam Cruelty-Free And Vegan? The Dark Side of Sheglam!

Over time, we shoppers have become more concerned about the products we purchase. The concern involves not only what we are getting but also how we are getting it.

Do the brands we are supporting do their business ethically? Because if not, a lot of us would want to switch to the ones that do.

Talk about Sheglam. Most of us have done huge makeup hauls from the brand because of its accessible price range.

But would we continue that if its business practices did not align with our views?

That brings up the topic of our discussion today: is Sheglam cruelty-free and vegan? Let’s see.

Is Sheglam Cruelty-Free?

According to Sheglam, it is cruelty-free. Its website clearly states that all Sheglam goods are completely cruelty-free.

Moreover, the brand works only with those manufacturers, suppliers, and associates who strictly maintain cruelty-free practices.

Additionally, we wondered if the brand sells its products in Mainland China because you have to agree to conduct animal testing to do that.

However, Sheglam confirmed that they do not have their products in Chinese stores.

Now in a case like this, a certification or official approval from relevant authorities adds validity to such claims.

So we checked if the company is Leaping Bunny or PETA-certified.

Turns out, Sheglam has got itself certified by the Leaping Bunny program under the Cruelty Free International organization, which officially vouches for its stand on cruelty-free business practices.

What Does It Mean To Be Leaping Bunny-Certified?

Being certified by the Leaping Bunny program is a big deal. Getting the logo on your products says that they have the internationally acknowledged gold standard for being cruelty-free goods.

The program requires you to establish a supplier monitoring arrangement to ensure that all of your third-party vendors comply with each cruelty-free rule.

Besides, you have to agree to be prepared for ongoing independent audits by the Cruelty Free International authority, not to mention the fees you will have to pay for the certifications.

Such rigorous procedures are proof of the brand’s ethical authenticity.

However, some of you might stumble upon different accusations of people saying that Sheglam is not truly cruelty-free or has falsely claimed the Leaping Bunny approval.

Do not trust such sources because we checked that, too, and found Sheglam on the organization’s website’s list of cruelty-free brands.

Is Sheglam Vegan?

Mostly Sheglam products are not vegan.

Here is a catch about the cruelty-free tag. It does not mean that the product is free from animal-based materials but only that it has not been tested on animals. Do you see the difference?

The cruelty-free tag simply and only means that animals are not used to test the finished goods after the completion of the manufacturing process.

BUT it does not entail whether the goods contain animal-based content, in short, whether they are vegan.

It can easily be that a cruelty-free brand sources materials from animals for production purposes. Does that truly imply that it is free from animal cruelty?

We could answer that positively about Sheglam if it were a vegan brand. It is not. While most cosmetics are vegan, some are not.

For instance, if we have to name some, the color much-pressed powder single, chroma zone multichrome gel liner, and do it all 2-in-1 eyeliner are BOTH vegan and cruelty-free.

When visiting the website, check out the ingredients to find these labels.

In contrast, the deep feelings eyeshadow palette, velvet matte lip liner, and sun sculpt liquid contour from Sheglam are not vegan, although cruelty-free.

That means they have animal-sourced components. And there is no way of knowing if that had been done without causing harm to animals.

What About Sheglam Protecting Human Rights At Workplace?

Although the article was supposed to center on animal rights and protection, we decided to bring human rights, too, because it is also very important.

The brand, being cruelty-friendly and all, might give you the impression that it undoubtedly cares about its employees. Sadly, that is not the case.

Sheglam’s parent company, the Zoetop Business Co., Limited, was found to violate human rights at their manufacturing facilities by a UK broadcaster around 8 to 9 months ago.

The workers were drastically underpaid and overworked. They were paid around $550 a month with one day off every month and 18-hour workdays.

A company like Sheglam makes more than enough money to go easy on its workers. But it looks like it makes money off exploiting them instead.

Final Words:

So, Sheglam is cruelty-free but not entirely vegan, which leaves us with a question of whether it is really cruelty-free in the first place. But one thing is for sure it does not conduct animal testing.

Regarding human rights protection, the brand has a lot to improve. Since consumers are becoming more aware today, we can hope that their awareness may change the scenario someday.

It is important for everyone to know if their makeup is safe or not! You will find how to know if your makeup is safe effective.

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