Exposed: Shocking Truth About SheGlam’s FDA Approval!

If you are a regular TikTok user with a penchant for makeup and skincare, you must have come across the torrent of buzzing posts gushing about Sheglam makeup products.

The inexpensiveness of every makeup item makes the brand more demanding than others.

While that is all fine with all of us, how many of us thought about the brand’s product authenticity? For example, does it comply with the regulatory requirements? Or, is Sheglam FDA-approved?

Time to dig deep under the surface!

Is Sheglam FDA-Approved?

No, Sheglam is not FDA-approved. If you visit their official website, you will find that, under the FAQ section, they have mentioned that the FDA does not approve their products.

However, the brand claims and guarantees that its products undergo a rigorous procedure of quality testing prior to launch, which meets all international regulations of cosmetic safety, including the EU and FDA standards.

How Is Sheglam In The Market Without The FDA’s Approval?

Sheglam is in the market doing business without the approval of the FDA because cosmetic items do not need to be FDA-approved.

Nonetheless, it does fall under the authority of the FDA to take action involving the labeling and safety of makeup and beauty products.

However, it will not require companies to test their products for effectiveness or safety before introducing them to the market.

That means Sheglam has to take responsibility for making sure its makeup is safe and authentic.

But it does not necessarily have to have its products approved by the FDA before entering the market. That is how Sheglam is operating its business without getting the FDA’s approval.

That said, if you find anything wrong with them, you can contact the FDA and let them investigate and sort it out legally.

What About The Ingredients Of Sheglam Makeup?

According to the owner of Sheglam, Sandra Henry, the brand aims to bring you the safest skincare products containing 100% organic ingredients.

We looked through the ingredients of some Sheglam makeup items and did not find anything potentially risky.

For example, certain ingredients are banned by the FDA, i.e., bithionol, chloroform, mercury compounds, hexachlorophene, methylene chloride, vinyl chloride, chlorofluorocarbon, etc. None of the substances were listed on the Sheglam products.

So, it appears that their claim of complying with the FDA regulations is true.

But that stirs the obvious question: Why is Sheglam not FDA-approved if it is compliant with the organization’s standards?

We did not find anything conclusive about that. But you might get some helpful insight from the next section.

The FDA and Cosmetics: Setting the Stage:

  • Unlike drugs, cosmetics don’t require pre-market approval. Instead, the FDA ensures safety through regulations and post-market surveillance.
  • This means manufacturers must ensure ingredients meet safety standards, and labels are accurate and not misleading.
  • If concerns arise, the FDA can investigate, order recalls, or take other actions.
  • Explore the FDA’s website for detailed information on cosmetics regulation:

What Are People Saying About It?

What Are People Saying About Sheglam products
What Are People Saying About Sheglam products

According to what we found, most reviews about Sheglam makeup were positive. Some were deeply satisfied with the cosmetics’ performance and mentioned that they had not faced any skin problems from using them.

The quality was not that high, just like the price, but it was not suboptimal either.

However, you may know that Sheglam is a subsidiary of Shein, a China-based fast fashion brand.

There have been many controversies around Shein, one being that its beauty products contained a carcinogen ingredient declared by the state law of California.

So that could raise further concerns about Sheglam.

But there was no hard evidence found against it. Also, the FDA has not discovered anything inconsistent or illegitimate in Sheglam’s business till now.

Final Words:

Is Sheglam FDA-approved? No, it is not. But that does not mean you have to stop buying Sheglam makeup now. Since nothing concretely suspicious has been found in the brand’s products, you may continue using them.

As for safety, it is better to take recommendations from people around you and do a patch test on yourself first to prevent potential skin issues beforehand.

Now that you know Sheglam is not FDA approved, check out if it is legit and cruelty free or not!

Is Sheglam Legit?


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