Is Sheglam Legit or a Beauty Scam? The Shocking Truth

After the onset of the COVID crisis, online cosmetics retailers came as a boon for makeup enthusiasts, paving the way for numerous new businesses.

During that time, Sheglam was founded as a global online retailer and beauty brand to sell makeup items at an affordable price.

Now that the dust has settled and we are back to our regular lives, our dependency on online shopping has been reduced.

Looking back, some of you who had been loyal Sheglam buyers might even wonder about its legitimacy and want to reconsider buying from the brand again.

So, is Sheglam legit? What do you think of it? Were the impulsive purchases worth it? Here is what we found out.

Is Sheglam Legit?

We checked several determinators to ensure the authenticity of the Sheglam business. Most of the results came back positive in Sheglam’s favor.

We will provide those below.

Website Blocklist:

A blocked website may indicate spam or malware activities.

We scanned Sheglam with several domain blocklists, i.e., Avira, SURBL, URLVir, etc., to see whether it was malicious. It turned out safe.

Time Of Domain Creation:

A shopping brand’s website created recently is potentially suspicious. Plus, it might not give us enough information to test its authenticity.

Sheglam gets a green signal from this area, too, as it has a 6-year-old domain.

HTTPS Connection:

If you go to Sheglam’s website, you will notice that its URL starts with an HTTPS connection.

Online businesses handling private user information and their transactions must have it to ensure the encryption of the traffic between their websites and users.

Not having that is considered a red flag for any online business.

Website Popularity:

Alexa, the most famous service that ranks websites according to page views and traffic, found that the Sheglam website scores zero among other million websites.

That did surprise us a little because it meant Sheglam has no traffic at all.

Risky Country Area:

This determinator checks whether the website’s location is in China. Although that is not an issue, we wanted to check it out because too many illegitimate brands are hosted in that country.

However, Sheglam successfully checked this box too.

Domain Email:

An online shop should carry a configured domain email address of its own.

It is not a must but a plus, a validation to back up their existence. Lucky for Sheglam, it has its own email configured.

Independent analysis:

Some beauty blogs and websites have reviewed Sheglam products, offering independent analysis and feedback.

Viral Influencer Status:

SHEGLAM has become one of the most viral beauty brands on social media.

With over 6 million followers and an impressive 5.6 billion views (and counting) under the #SHEGLAM hashtag, it surpasses several industry heavyweights.

Sheglam’s positioning:

Sheglam positions itself as a “clean beauty” brand, offering vegan and cruelty-free products.

This aligns with a growing trend in the beauty industry, and the brand does appear to be certified by PETA as cruelty-free.

WOT Trust Rating:

Many users use WOT as a browser add-on to rate online shops and their websites.

A good WOT trust rating shows that customers had a good purchasing experience with a brand and vice versa.

Nonetheless, it showed that Sheglam is yet to be rated on that platform. So, we could not draw anything conclusive from here.

Physical Retail Expansion:

The success of SHEGLAM’s pop-up store in Los Angeles in 2022 revealed global demand for its brick-and-mortar presence.

Responding to this enthusiasm, SHEGLAM expanded into 800 retail stores across Japan and over 40 stores throughout the Middle East in November 2023.

What About The Products Of Sheglam?

The cosmetics products of Sheglam are legit as well. We checked some of their ingredients and found everything, alright.

Although the brand is not FDA-approved, it claims to adhere to all the rules and regulations of the FDA.

For instance, the organization prohibits the use of certain materials in the production of makeup items, e.g., chloroform, bithionol, vinyl chloride, and others.

None of the Sheglam goods seemed to contain any of them in our research.

There have been no evidential incidents to show otherwise. The FDA also did not discover anything potentially illegitimate in the brand’s dealings.

Reviews of Sheglam:

While I found sheglam legit and I use them for years now. For writing this article I asked some of my friends about their honest opinion on Sheglam and also searched for reviews in the internet.

This is what I have found:

Daphnee Laporte: The products are amazing and affordable. These products have very good quality. I am not paid to say that. I used to work for cosmetic companies and they are what you call high quality and I will compare some of the products of SheGlam with theirs.”

Jelly: “I’ve no idea where the negative reviews are coming from because sheglam is filled will high quality products for hardly any cost. You’ve got to think carefully about the morality of buying from shein but many of the makeup products themselves are amazing. “

Final Words:

In summary, Sheglam is legit. It scores moderately highly in terms of maintaining a well-established website.

It may not have much traffic, but it looks safe enough. The same applies to its makeup items.

That gives you further assurance that you were not scammed during your previous purchases from the brand. And you may continue shopping from Sheglam in the future too.

Interested about Sheglam? I have written about Sheglam. You can check them out.

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