Is Shein Club Worth It?

Beauty products have been increasingly becoming out-of-reach for many people, but they are essential items for everyone, especially those conscious about their skin.

That is why companies like Shein are the go-to option for many shoppers for their huge collections of reasonably priced beauty products.

Some even consider getting a membership of the Shein Club. But is Shein Club worth it? Let’s discuss that today.

Is Shein Club Worth It?

Answering directly to that question is critical because it depends on your perspective. Before I explain that, let me explain what becoming a member of the Shien Club entails.

To be a Shein Clubbie, you have to pay a specific amount of fee, either quarterly or annually, to enjoy a discount of 5%, among other benefits.

Subject to change, the cost starts from $6.99 and varies depending on your membership package. However, you cannot avail of this discount on products already discounted or on sale.

Now, let’s get back to the point of perspective. If you think about it and do some math, you will see that you would have to spend around $40 monthly on regular beauty products to make the membership worth it.

And that is from a place where the average price of items ranges from $4 to $8.

There are two ways of seeing the worthiness of this deal. You need to see both ways to understand why you may or may not need to go for the membership facility.

Is It Not Worth It?

The following reasons could have you rethink your decision to get into the Shein Club.

Only 5%:

First, a 5% discount is not as lucrative as it seems because it does not even deduct your taxes. Moreover, as I mentioned before, you will have to buy piles of items to actually enjoy the discount.

That will become a challenge even for someone obsessed with the Sheglam lipsticks or lip balms after a while since the benefit only applies to regular products.

Additionally, it will limit your option to explore other brands due to budget constraints.

Color And Skin Issues:

Buying makeup products from online stores has an inevitable risk of getting a shade of foundation or eyeshadow that will not match your skin. You may even have an allergic reaction.

In that case, you will have to remove them from your collections and look for alternatives. So, the membership privilege may not do you any good here.

Suboptimal Quality:

Shein charges you so low compared to other brands that complaining about quality may not be fair.

While it is obvious that quality is not customers’ priority here, it is also not expected to receive products that will become unusable after one or two uses.

Even if that does not concern you, chances are you will not buy such products all year. In that case, does the Shein Club make much sense?

But What If It IS Worth It?

Is there absolutely no point in getting the membership? Of course, there is, depending on several factors.

Your Shopping Habits:

If you are a makeup artist or simply love beautifying yourself, you must buy eyeshadow palettes, foundations, concealers, and other stuff all the time. Shein could be the perfect place to find them at a reasonable price.

Besides, it is a fast fashion company, so you will get the trendiest things there. The Shein Club membership could come in handy for you.

Previous Purchases:

Looking at your previous purchase history will give you some direction here. If the cosmetics you bought from Shein in the past did not give you any trouble, maybe you should stick with the brand and even consider becoming a Shein Club member.


The best thing about Shein is that it delivers the same high-priced product of another brand at a much lower price. While the quality might be questionable sometimes, you can rely on it because the products have proved trustworthy to many people.

Here is a tip: always read reviews and recommendations of people before buying a specific product.

How Do I Decide On It?

If you are still confused after the discussion above, try the free trial membership option the company launched earlier in June. It will come in handy for people interested in the Shein Club but hesitant to join it.

But here is a catch. It is not for everyone. You have to meet specific criteria to get the trial option.

For example, you must have a Shein user account with a good purchase history while being a Shein VIP in level 1 or higher.

You can try it to see how your purchase pattern shapes during the period and then decide to pay for the membership afterward.

Final Words:

Is Shien Club worth it? Yes, if you have had positive experiences with cosmetics and use them regularly. If you are used to having large collections of makeup items, being a member of the club will serve you right.

The answer is no if you do not have the intention to buy regularly from Shein or have ever had issues with any of its beauty products.

Your beauty routine does not have to be all about Shein just because it is within budget, especially if you are not eligible for the free trial.

Since it will charge you money to get the extra benefits, make up your mind based on your skin-care needs.

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