Is Sheglam Makeup Safe? Here’s What You Need To Know

Shein has emerged as a disruptor in the global fast fashion industry.

The Chinese online brand has not limited itself to clothing; it also took the cosmetics industry by storm with its makeup and beauty products.

Shein has been dominating the social media beauty trends lately, particularly on TikTok. But is Shein/Sheglam makeup safe?

Shein’s low-price offerings have raised questions over the legitimacy of its products.

You might have heard chatter about the presence of carcinogens in Shein’s beauty range.

How reliable are these claims? Are these part of a whispering campaign, or do you genuinely need to worry about putting Shein makeup on your skin?

Let’s find out.

Is Shein Makeup Safe?

A Canadian Broadcasting Corporation report in 2021 reported that Shein textiles have abnormally high levels of phthalates, poly-fluoroalkyl substances, and lead.

It casts a shadow of doubt over the company’s safety standards.

Even though the CBC report only covered Shein’s apparel division, it made consumers doubtful of other Shein products.

A Greenpeace investigation in the following year also echoed the findings of the CBC report. However, it was also focused on Shein’s clothing ranges.

Like CBC, Greenpeace did not mention Shein cosmetics. But the negative press did make many people dubious about Shein’s cosmetic products.  

The California Catastrophe

Recently a report has been making the rounds on the internet claiming that a California woman received a safety warning when she tried to buy a Shein beauty product online.

The product apparently had Di(2- Ethylhexyl) Phthalate, aka DEHP, which the Californian state law marks as a carcinogen.

We could not verify the authenticity of the news since the post was mostly found on Reddit threads and other unreliable online forum discussions.

No major news outlet reported this. That said, there have been continuous reports of controlled substances in Shein beauty products.

However, Shein has denied them, and there has been no conclusive proof.

Sheglam makeup safety concerns:

While Sheglam makeup is popular for its affordability, there have been concerns raised about its safety standards and ingredients.

Some customers have reported experiencing allergic reactions or skin irritation after using Sheglam products.

Additionally, there have been questions about the quality of the ingredients used in Sheglam makeup, with some concerns that they may contain harmful chemicals.

Sheglam makeup ingredients:

The ingredients used in Sheglam makeup are not always clearly listed on the product packaging or website.

This can make it difficult for consumers to determine if the products are safe for them to use, especially if they have allergies or sensitive skin.

Additionally, some of the ingredients used in Sheglam makeup have been linked to potential health concerns, such as lead and formaldehyde.

Sheglam makeup chemicals:

Some of the chemicals used in Sheglam makeup have raised concerns about their safety.

For example, lead has been found in some Sheglam makeup products, which can be toxic if ingested or absorbed through the skin.

Formaldehyde has also been found in some Sheglam makeup products, which is a known carcinogen.

Sheglam makeup reviews:

Reviews of Sheglam makeup are mixed.

Some customers report being happy with the quality and affordability of the products, while others have had negative experiences.

It is important to read reviews from a variety of sources before purchasing Sheglam makeup to get a sense of the potential risks and benefits.

To Trust Or Not To Trust That Is The Question

But should we rely on Shein’s assurances that it uses 100% safe items in its cosmetic products?

Trusting a company with a terrible track record in maintaining safety standards is hard. The ingredient list on Shein’s SHEGLAM cosmetic products lists no heavily regulated substances.

So, on the surface, they seem safe for use.

As of now, US, Canadian, and EU regulators did not find any discrepancies in the ingredient list Shein provides.

However, newer and newer chemicals keep on entering the list of regulated substances.

So, you should always stay up to date. Just because it is safe for use today does not mean that it will stay the same in the future.

Why Are Shein Cosmetics So Cheap?

If Shein has been doing everything by the book, how is it keeping the price so low? The brand continues to unsettle the most prominent players in the market with its unbelievable pricing.

First, the production cost is way lower in China than in Europe or North America. That is why China boasts more than 28% of global manufacturing output.

Second, Shein is now a massive corporation. So, its cosmetics division has the luxury to access the R&D breakthroughs of its sister concerns.

The gigantic economies of scale a large corporation can provide can substantially reduce manufacturing costs without compromising quality.

Final Words

Is Shein makeup safe? At the moment, the answer is yes.

Even though Shein has been caught egg faced with its other endeavors, its cosmetics division remains unscathed.

There is no evidence that suggests Shein’s poor safety regulation practices extended to its beauty product manufacturing wing.

So, there is no reason to boycott Shein beauty products just yet.

Now that you know shein/sheglam is safe to use, learn if sheglam is cruelty free or not!


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