Is The NYX BB Cream Discontinued?

Have you been facing trouble finding the NYX BB cream lately? Did it disappear from the beauty aisle of your local stores? You can’t seem to find it anywhere on the internet as well?

Many users fell in love with the product because of its special oil-free formula. But, is the NYX BB Cream discontinued?

Stay with us to find out. 

Is The NYX BB Cream Discontinued?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. If you visit the product page on NYX’s official website, you will find out that the cream has been officially discontinued. NYX did not cite any specific reason for the decision. It’s unlikely they did it because of repeated customer complaints because the NYX BB was a widely acclaimed product and celebrated by influencers and users alike. 

Probably NYX decided to phase out the product before launching an improved version. They pulled the plug on BB cream in 2022.

They are yet to introduce a replacement, but perhaps they have something in the pipeline that might hit the market later this year.

This is no confirmed news, however. We are just speculating.

What To Consider When Choosing A BB Cream Alternative?


What kind of finish do you want the BB cream to deliver? The NYX BB cream was famous for its natural-looking finish. Read the reviews of the BB cream you want to buy to learn about the finish.

Some can give you a dewy look, which some users won’t mind. But, if you are looking for a like-for-like NYX BB cream replacement, choose a cream with a more matte finish.


 The NYX BB had a lot of admirers, but it was no magic wand that you could weave to make all of your facial skin problems go away.

NYX BB had light coverage. It was great for covering up blemishes and redness.

But if you have a more severe skin condition, like acne, you need to buy something that can disguise a larger portion of your face. 

BB creams are not big on coverage. At best, you can find creams that provide mid-coverage.

So, we would recommend using BB creams as primers. Prep your skin with it, and then put a coat of foundation over it. You are good to go.

But, if you had good results using the NYX BB cream before, a light coverage cream should be enough for you.


The NYX BB cream did not have a vast range of shade offerings as well. It’s one of the biggest criticism you would hear about this otherwise awesome product.

In fact, the entire NYX range can be accused of this. The brand’s shade selection is frustratingly limited. So, the NYX BB cream catered to narrow range of user profiles. 

The NYX BB cream had nude, natural, and golden shades. The target consumer base includes light to medium skin tones.

There’s nothing for darker skin tones, so you should be looking to buy a different BB cream if your skin has a higher melanin count. An exact NYX BB cream replacement should be best for light to moderate skin tones with limited undertones. 

The undertones we are talking about are natural, beige, golden, and peach.

If you have fair skin with cool undertones like blue and pink, you would not have liked using the NYX BB cream.

Unless you fall in the specific skin tone and undertone range NYX BB cream covered, you need to shop for BB creams that are more diverse in terms of shades.

Final Words:

If you were a fan of the product, it should have been hard knowing that the NYX BB cream has been discontinued. But if you do your research, you can find many worthy alternatives in the market.

One of them can be safe sheglam makeup, have a look. And, no need to panic. 


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