Is YSL All Hours Foundation Discontinued or Not? Find Out!

A good and reliable foundation is a must in women’s makeup preparation. But what if it runs out and you do not find it anywhere in local and online stores?

Has it been the case for YSL Foundation? Is YSL all hours foundation discontinued?

If you have not found that info yet, you will find it here.

Is YSL All Hours Foundation Discontinued?

First of all, no. The YSL all hours foundation is not discontinued. But it is not what it used to be because the brand decided to reformulate and repackage the product.

Let me explain the differences because there is a chance you might want to switch to an alternative after learning about the changes.

Formula Differences:

The previous formulation included SPF 20, transfer- and water-proof, and 24-hour buildable and wear coverage.

The new one improved all of them and came with more qualities. Now it is 39 SPF, sport- and mask-proof, and 24-hour wear coverage.

Plus, it will give you 24-hour comfort. While 77% of it is skincare, it has a hyaluronic acid complex to help you with skin lines and wrinkles.

The reformulated YSL All Hours Foundation stands as a guardian against the sun’s relentless rays.

With an upgraded SPF 39, it not only provides impeccable coverage but also ensures utmost protection.

Whether you’re navigating bustling city streets or basking in the glow of a sun-kissed beach, this foundation has you covered—literally.

Package Differences:

The old YSL foundation bottle used to be simple but classy, with the brand’s logo emblemed on the front side of the cap.

On the contrary, it covers most of the cap of the new product, much larger and bolder.

YSL did not change the frosted glass but simplified the text.

That is all about the package renovation. Apart from the eye-catching logo making the bottle more sophisticated, it has not had much change.

Sport-Proof and Mask-Proof: A Resilient Companion

Life is dynamic, and so is our skin. The new formulation of YSL All Hours Foundation is sport-proof and mask-proof.

Imagine effortlessly maintaining a flawless complexion during your most active days or while donning a protective mask.

It’s not merely makeup; it’s a tailored shield that adapts to your ever-changing lifestyle.


The old YSL all hours foundation’s high alcoholic smell bothered many users. But as it seems, YSL redid it by turning the smell into less alcoholic and more jasmine-like.

Another thing is the increased number of shades in the new foundation.

The first one had a range of 21, which extended to 40 for the second one, varying from one store to another based on availability. That is surely an upgrade.

Nonetheless, identifying the right shade from the new range might be confusing for users.

For example, if you were a BD 40 according to the old shade range, you might be an LN 4 in the new one.

Then again, a light warm 7 could suit you as well. It is a bit tricky to decide on the most fitting shade for your skin.

Most changes suggest that the newer YSL all hours foundation is the better one.

However, whether that applies to you depends on your skin type and sensitivity.

For instance, hyaluronic acid in the foundation is particularly good for dry-skinned people. It will not be much help for oily skin.

So, if it disappoints you by any chance, you may want to look for options since the old one is no longer available.

What To Consider Before Buying A New Foundation?

What To Consider Before Buying A New Foundation

Foundation Formula:

Your lifestyle and skin type are directly involved with your foundation selection.

If you have a job that keeps you heavily busy, and so you have little time for makeup, you need a stick foundation.

Otherwise, you can go for liquid or cream formulas, which will also work if you have a dry complexion.

There are also powder foundations, the best option for people with oily or mixed skin types.


Now is the time to figure out your preferred finishing. Normal or dry skin accommodates luminous foundations better.

Those with oily skin will like matte.


If you want a foundation and nothing else to keep your look natural, choose one from sheer foundations. However, if you plan to use some concealing, a medium coverage base will do the job.

On the other hand, a full coverage one is the way to go for special events.


The color under your skin is your undertone. The body complexion is not the same everywhere.

You may have darker complexions in some areas, which are lighter in others.

For example, reddish or pink arms and chests clearly indicate a pink undertone.

Or your complexion is yellow, or your veins are green, meaning you have a warmer undertone.

In the case of blue-green, the undertone is neutral. You must consider it while choosing a foundation.

Otherwise, it will come out mismatched on your face.


A formulation containing hyaluronic acid suits dry skin. Oily, sensitive, or acne-prone skin needs something with salicylic acid.

You can alternatively strengthen sunlight protection by using a high SPF foundation.

Final Words:

Now you know that the YSL all hours foundation is not discontinued. It is available in a new package and a new formulation.

You can still use that, as it comes with several upgrades.

Regardless, if it does not suit you somehow, you can switch to a different foundation upon considering the important factors.

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