Lip Whips Vs Lipsense: What Makes Them So Different?

For most people, selecting the ideal lip color is not a simple task. You might get into trouble when it’s time to select your lip color. When attempting to compare lip whips and Lipsense, the situation only becomes worse.

So, you might want to know the difference between lip whips vs lipsense.

It’s totally up to you which one you want to choose. But lip whips are a kind of  matte lip color, and lip sense is a non-wax liquid color. If you consider the undertones, lip whips are cool, and lipsense is available in both cool and warm colors. Also, it’s best to choose based on your skin type.

But up until that point, that’s not all about. There are many things you should know before choosing one to invest in.

So, read the article through to the finish.

Lip Whips Vs Lipsense: Quick Review

Before comparing them in detail, let’s take a quick look at the below factors.

Factors Lip Whips Lipsense
Type Matte lip color. Non-wax liquid lip color.
Ingredients Organic castor seed oil, Organic beeswax, Organic cocoa butter, Mica, Titanium dioxide, Carmine, Manganese violet, etc. Denatured alcohol, Paeonia suffruticosa root extract, Hypericum perforatum, Tilia cordata, Isodonis japonicus extract, Mica.
Undertones Cool Cool and warm
Color pigment  Rich pigmentation Thicker and richer in color pigmentation.
Layering Required 3 layers Required 3 layers
Pros It feels light after application, has vibrant colors, etc. Immediately evaporates, shields from the sun, etc
Cons Dries it dries too much, is not long-lasting, and not for all tones. Initial stickiness, dry out the lips, multiple layers required

Now it’s time for more details!

Lip Whips Vs Lipsense: In-Depth Comparison

Lip whips and lipsense are both currently very well-liked in the beauty industry. You should decide between these two.

But first, you need to grasp all the differences between these two lip tints.

There are some things you should always think about in order to choose which one will fit you best. Factors such as what type of lip color they are, ingredients and their color pigmentations, etc.

And I’ll help you put things together in this case so you can decide between them.

So without further ado, let’s get to the major portion.


Lip Whips provide the authentic matte finish that your lips crave. It feels to be hardly present.

The most gorgeous color is delivered to your lips, and it locks in for all-day wear.

On the other hand, lipsense is a non-wax, long-lasting liquid lip color. It provides natural sun protection. Its innovative formulas and color pigments assist in giving the lips a protective coating.


I know your concern may stick at some point. That point really needs to be considered to avoid any uncertainty. And that thing is about the ingredients.

Generally, lip whips contain organic oils like castor seed oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil.

Also, it contains kinds of butter such as cocoa and shea butter. Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Carmine, Manganese Violet, Non-GMO Vitamin E from sunflowers, etc. are the other ingredients used in lip whips.

Now for the other part of the story, which is about lipsense ingredients. Lipsense ingredients contain ingredients like denatured alcohol, Paeonia suffruticosa root extract, and Hypericum perforatum. 

As well as Tilia cordata and Isodonis japonicus extract,  Mica.


Depending on the brand, each of these two colors has a different undertone.

However, in general, lip whips have cool undertones because they have matte finish hues.

Additionally, lipsense comes in both warm and cool undertones.

The Lip Color Pigments:

Lip whips are quite rich richer color. This suits anyone who loves to coat rich colors. And shield from the sun.

Lip sense is thicker and rich in color lip whips. LipSense’s unique formulas and color pigments aid in forming a shield for the lips. In other words, the color pigments on your lips shield the skin there from the sun’s rays.

LipSense is unlike any traditional lipstick, stain, or color. It is waterproof and has the original long-lasting lip color.


Since the long-lasting coating of both lip whips and lip sense has made them both popular. Lip whips and lipsense require 3 coats to provide a smooth, completed coating each time you intend to use them.


Depending on the skin, users, and brand, lip whips have their own benefits for the users. Besides the pigmentation and undertones, there are other aspects that could affect your choice of product.

Here are the benefits you may get while using or after using the lip whips. But remember that it may vary depending on who is using it.

  • Feels hard there when it dries to a matte.
  • The ideal sized wand for a single swipe application.
  • A light feeling with vibrant color.
  • Formula that is pleasant and long-lasting without drying out your lips.

The long-lasting formula and smooth, creamy finish of Lipsense led to its popularity. If you compare lipsense to lip whips, you might notice some differences that give lipsense an advantage.

So, here are the benefits you get while using the lipsense. 

  • As soon as the lip sense is applied to the skin, it immediately evaporates.
  • Shields the lips from the sun naturally.
  • With regular LipSense application, it’s smooth and gentle on your lips.
  • Each color tube has a unique composition and combination of pigments to create a particular color.


It’s time to identify the flaws with each of the products now. Yes, I know that this bit makes you uneasy. However, there is no need to panic.

Here, I’ll discuss both of the product’s key factors for customers.

Lip whips dry out too much. Sometimes it causes cracks in the lips. That may not be to your liking. Regarding the long-lasting formula, some brands’ lip whips are not as long-lasting as they should be.

Some of them will remain there after putting in the application, but the majority of them will simply vanish.

Lipsense initially becomes quite sticky on your lips. It could further dry out your lips if you already have dry lips. Applying may need to be done in more layers according to the type of skin.

These are the factors you should take into consideration before placing an order from any of them. 

Never forget to consider your skin tone and other priorities when choosing a lip color.


In addition to the comparison, there are a lot of other things to be aware of if you’re using them for the first time. like the right application techniques.

So let’s have a look at some of the things that could perhaps be of use to you.

  • They don’t need to use lip liner during application while using lip whips and lipsense.
  • Never use balms, vaseline, or Carmex to make them stay on your lips for a long time. If your goal is long wear, you should strongly avoid these.
  • For several coats, wait 60 seconds for the previous coat to dry before adding another.
  • Avoid eating oily foods while wearing lip whips and lipsense. 
  • Drink water as much as you can.  

FAQs on Lip Whips Vs Lipsense:

How Do You Remove Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip?

Use oil base wipes to remove the Beauty Bakerie lip whip. Any waterproof or long-lasting lipstick can be removed with ease with these. Simply apply them with a cotton pad to your lips. In the case that it doesn’t remove, you can swipe twice.

Can You Use Other Glosses With Lipsense?

No, glosses cannot be used with lipsense. Due to the excess moisture in lip glasses, your lipsense will no longer be durable. Always make an effort to avoid using Vaseline, balms, and glosses. Simply apply repeated coats of lipsense to your lips to make it last.

Does Lipsense Burn?

Yes, lipsense burns immediately after the application. But it is just for a few seconds. When it dries out, it won’t have a further burning feeling on your lips. It also happens once when you coat the first application. 


Finally, you can better choose between lip whips vs lipsense. Because now you have knowledge about the whole details of them. And based on your choice, you can easily select from any of them. 

So, grab your favorite lip color. Put them to use to enhance your beauty.

Good luck!

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