Men’s Eyelashes Too Long: How to trim them?

Long eyelashes are commonly considered an attractive sign in men. Biologically, males tend to have smaller eyes.

So, longer eyelashes help them to draw more attention to their eyes.

But can men’s eyelashes be too long? Can it grow beyond a stage that passes the acceptability threshold and slip into a more feminine territory?

When Are Men’s Eyelashes Considered Too Long?

Men are likelier to grow longer and thicker eyelashes because of their genetic structure. Testosterone is responsible for hairy body parts in the male human body, and it also stimulates eyelash growth.

So, long and bushy eyelashes are actually a masculine trait. But when should you consider trimming your eyelashes?

The Fine Line Between Feminine & Masculine Eyelashes

If you look at popular forms of art, including cartoons, you will notice that longer eyelashes are usually used to represent female characters.

This might sound contradictory to everything we have said until this point. Yes, it is normal for men to have longer lashes than women.

But when the eyelashes become more noticeable, it could be a problem. 

Men naturally have a larger physical shape than women, thanks to testosterone-triggered muscle mass growth. So, male faces are bigger than female faces, and long eyelashes should not appear overly pronounced.

Since women have smaller faces, eyelashes look longer on them, even though their lashes might be shorter in reality. 

Aimee Adams, an Associate Professor of Psychology at Indiana University Southeast, analyzed photographs of men and women with varying lengths of eyelashes.

She manipulated the eyelash length in the photos and found out that participants in the study found women with longer eyelashes more attractive than men.

So, if the eyelash length appears too long in comparison to your facial shape, you might want to trim the eyelashes a bit to avoid a feminine look.

Eyelashes are important, and they accentuate the ideal masculine appearance. However, many men would not like their eyelashes to be the most striking facial feature.

Extra Long Eyelashes Could Be Damaging To The Eye

Georgia Institute of Technology researchers revealed in a 2019 study that the ideal eyelash length should be one-third of the eye’s width.

Eyelashes that are sufficiently long protect the eye from excess airflow and help the cornea maintain ideal moisture. But when the eyelashes are longer, they can’t do a good enough job of keeping the eye healthy.

When the eyelashes grow longer than ideal, it restricts the airflow to the eye even more. As a result, the eye surface will lose moisture faster.

It’s highly likely to lead to dry eye syndrome. You might experience swelling in the eye and blurred vision. Red eyes are another very common symptom of dry eye syndrome.

If you have been experiencing any of the above-mentioned complications, you should consult an ophthalmologist immediately. Other eye conditions could trigger similar symptoms.

So, you need to make sure that eyelashes are the culprits indeed. Once you get the confirmation, trim them.

Long Eyelashes Can Make It Difficult To Put On Eyewear

Long eyelashes could make it difficult to wear glasses as they keep on smudging on them. You can opt to switch to curved-shaped glasses to increase the distance between your eyes and the glass.

But finding a perfect fit could be quite a hassle. A much simpler solution would be to trim the eyelashes.

How To Trim’s Men’s Eyelashes?

You can trim your eyelashes yourself if you don’t have hyperthyroidism or any other condition that can make your hands shaky.

Unless you have a stable pair of hands, you should not try to do this by yourself. Get a friend to help, or go to a professional, if you can find a salon nearby that offers eyelash trimming for men.

What You Need To Trim Men’s Eyelashes?

Gather all the necessary utensils and head to a room that is well-lit.

You need maximum visibility to trim your eyelashes safely. A magnifying mirror, a comb, a spoolie, and a pair of eyelash scissors are the only things you would need. 

You might come across some posts in different posts claiming you can use cuticle scissors instead of eyelash scissors. But we would not recommend that.

Cuticle scissors are small scissors that beauticians use to trim skin surrounding nails. They are small and narrow in shape, but the blades are sharper than ideal for trimming eyelashes. You would need something more delicate for that.

Therefore, you should buy eyelash scissors that have a blunter tip. So it’s less risky to use around the eyes.

How To Trim The Eyelashes: Step By Step

First, sanitize the scissors. The skin around the eyes is pretty sensitive. So, you don’t want to take any chances. If the scissors are unsterilized, it could cause infection. Wipe them with an alcohol pad, and you are good to go.

Then, pick up the comb and pick up the eyelashes. Try to take them as far away from the eye as you can.

The further the distance is between the lashes and the eye, the easier it would be for you to cut them. 

After that, the real work begins. Start cutting the lashes with the scissors. Make sure to start along the tip of the lashes.

You don’t want to make them too short, as that would open a whole new can of worms. Only target the outermost lashes. The inner you go, the riskier it gets. Leave the tiny lashes near the tear duct alone. 

To finish up, brush your eyelashes with a spoolie. If you skip this part, you might leave behind loose lashes, and they could eventually get into your eyes.

Final Words

Long lashes in men are an attractive attribute indeed. Still, when men’s eyelashes get too long, they can become a nuisance.

Extra-long eyelashes are not only a fashion emergency, but they could also compromise the safety of your eyes severely.

So, no fashion and health-conscious men should hesitate to trim their eyelashes when necessary.


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