What Happened To Aveda Clove Shampoo? Find out

One of the most popular products from Aveda is the Clove Shampoo. But nowadays customers are facing difficulties finding shampoo.

If you are one of them, this article is just the thing you need. So let’s get to what happened to Aveda Clove Shampoo.

Is Aveda Clove Shampoo Discontinued?

The short answer is yes. Aveda has stopped producing the clove shampoo. You may find some units available online but the price is way higher than the original price.

Besides, the online stock will run out soon too. If you can’t keep using the shampoo in the long run, there’s no point in buying this now at a much higher price. 

Aveda didn’t announce that they’re discontinuing the product. So, how do we know that they stopped making this particular product? 

Well, it’s nowhere to be found. It has been out of stock on their website for a long time. When customers enquire about when the shampoo will be back in stock, the brand remains neutral.

There are a few sellers who are selling the clove shampoo online. However, the prices are extremely high. 

When asked, the sellers mentioned that Aveda does not make the shampoo anymore, hence the price difference between the original price and the ones available in stock in their shops. 

Why Did Aveda Shampoo Discontinue?

There’s no explanation from Aveda as to why this particular shampoo was discontinued. Users who have been using the brand for years have become disappointed in the brand.

In addition, the lack of explanation from the brand is frustrating the users too. 

Instead of explaining when the shampoo will be back on their list, Aveda keeps suggesting people alternative options from their brand.

So, what are the alternative options you can go for if you want to enhance your warm-toned hair? Let’s take a look.

Alternatives To Aveda Clove Shampoo:

If you are a former user of the Aveda clove shampoo, you already know why this shampoo is so popular.

Along with offering an excellent scent, the shampoo is perfect for people with brown hues in their hair. Natural brunettes are also a strong customer base for the brand. 

So, when you look for alternatives, you need to search for options that will improve your hair color as well as give your hair just the care you need.

There are a few options that you can try. 


You will find some great options with Overtone. If you have brown or black hair, you will see that the brand offers a range of brown and honey-toned shampoos that will meet your expectations.

The prices are also very reasonable for what they’re offering. So, make sure that you give this brand a try before spending money on an overpriced shampoo that may or may not be original. 

Celeb Luxury

It’s unlikely that you’ve heard this name before. However, the Celeb Luxury store from Amazon can offer you some excellent options.

And as you already know, Amazon is a place to find affordable products. So, you won’t have to empty your wallet either. 

Where To Buy Aveda Clove Shampoo?

Aveda stopped producing the clove shampoo so it’s obvious that you won’t be able to get it on their website. If you are lucky, you may find a few bottles on different e-commerce sites.

Now, the question is, should you buy the product from an online platform?

We won’t recommend doing that. First of all, if the brand discontinued the product, it’s difficult to authenticate whether the platform selling the shampoo is original or not.

In addition, sellers will use this discontinuation to sell the same product at a much higher rate. 

Another reason why you should not consider buying Aveda clove shampoo online is that there are so many alternative options.

If you search for it, you can also find how you can create your own color-depositing shampoo. It may not be as efficient as the one you were using, but it’s certainly worth a try. 

Last of all, even though you decide to buy shampoo online, you may not get it in the future.

So, if you have to stop using the shampoo today or tomorrow, avoid spending a ridiculous amount of money on the same product you used to buy at a much more affordable rate. 

Final Words:

Making color-depositing shampoo is pretty easy. You will find a lot of tutorials on this matter.

However, if you are not a DIY person, don’t be disheartened. There are plenty of other options you can go for.

So, instead of asking what happened to Aveda clove shampoo, maybe it’s time to dive into research mode and find a suitable color-depositing shampoo for you.

You can also browse Aveda for a shampoo that may complement your hair color other than the Aveda Clove Shampoo.


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