Why Is My Shein Account Suspended? How To Unsuspend A Shein Account?

If you are reading this article, your Shein account might have been suspended.

You logged into your account to make some long-anticipated purchases, and instead of entering your account, you got the account suspension notification.

You must have been shocked and wondered, why is my Shein account suspended? How to unsuspend a Shein account?

Take a minute, sit down, and carry on with me to find the reasons and ways to fix the problem. 

Why Is My Shein Account Suspended? 

You must understand why your Shein account is suspended so that you can avoid such issues in the future and recover your account now.

The usual reasons for getting the suspension are violation of rules, non-compliance with community guidelines, engagement in restrained activities, and others.

Carrying out misconducts such as sharing ill-fitted content, promoting spam messages and comments, posting invalid or misleading information, getting involved in fraudulent activities, etc. can also cause the issue.

How To Unsuspend A Shein Account? 

Getting your Shein account suspended may not indicate a permanent suspension. Nonetheless, the odds of getting it unsuspended will depend on why it has been suspended. 

Suppose you got the suspension because of multiple logins through the same device or IP address. And another user got it because they exploited the website.

The chance of your and their account recovery will differ significantly.

The thing is, Shein is very serious about the Terms and Conditions it sets for its customers.

So, if your Shein account is suspended, it means you have broken some of their Terms of Service. The chances of unsuspend will wane upon the severity of your rule violation. 

However, if you are sure you did not do anything wrong or whatever caused the suspension was not anything extreme, you can try appealing the suspension. 

How Do I Appeal My Shein Account Suspension? 

Step 1: Appealing The Suspension:

Log into your suspended account on Shein’s official help and support website using your regular mobile network or WiFi connection. Search for the Support option and click.

Look for the File An Appeal or Contact Us option beneath the section of Suspended Accounts and click again. I suggested a formal structure to prepare your appeal below. 

  • A brief introduction with a cordial salutation providing your name, email, and username
  • An explanation of the suspense issue with the reason while acknowledging your mistake
  • Present your situation as to why you think your suspension was not justifiable with relevant proof, if possible.
  • Request the support team to review your suspension, thank them for their effort, and sign off.
  • Remember to maintain courtesy, honesty, and professionalism all the time. If you lie, and they review the suspense manually, you will be caught and get into further trouble.
Shein File an Appeal
You can follow this format

Step 2: Waiting For Shein’s Response:

This one is the hardest part. The support team will take some time to review your appeal because they might receive more requests from others. 

While waiting, keep your patience and refrain from submitting more appeals. It could decelerate the process and even lower the probability of getting your account unsuspended.

Suppose they reply positively, YAY! But sometimes, they decide otherwise. Then you can try one last time.

How Do I Get Shein To Rethink Their Review? 

You have to appeal again, but this time, you must emphasize your determination to follow the guidelines while presenting your situation with more context.

Be detailed and include every piece of information that could make the support team rethink their review.

Another structure for you to follow: 

  • Start by thanking them for their response and politely address the reasons they provided for not unsuspending your account.
  • Highlight your determination to adhere to their terms of service and explain how you will try to improve as a customer.
  • Request them to give you another chance and thank them again. 
Shein File an Appeal resissue
You can follow this format

If they do not budge this time, too, let go of your Shein account and choose the next and only option.

How Do I Bypass My Shein Account Suspension?

First, ask Shein to delete your data. You can read our article on How to delete Shein account.

This is for you to make a clean start and keep the new account from suspension. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you the right to ask any service-providing organization to remove your data.

So, you can mail Shein, giving all the relevant information, and ask it to delete your data.

Make the subject ‘Request for data deletion’ and keep the text precise. Shein will delete your data after further verification.

Now, uninstall your Shein app, delete all cached data, and reinstall it. 

Get a different phone number. You can use your friend’s contact or get an inexpensive VoIP number for this purpose.

Now, create a new email account with it because the old one will link you to Shein as soon as you try and ban you before you can even start. 

A high-quality IP address is essential here. You can change it by using a VPN. NordVPN is your best bet for this purpose.

Create a new Shein account with it, put all the information in, and use a new card to pay for your purchases. 

Use the VPN for at least 2 months. By that time, Shein will delete your previous account and put its trust in your new user account.

How Do I Ensure My Shein Account Does Not Get Suspended Again? 

Just maintain community guidelines. Check your account and recent activities once in a while.

If you suspect that someone has hacked your account, seek Shein’s guide on protecting your Shein account. At the same time, do not try to hack its website.

Finally, keep your payment transactions absolutely clean, refrain from using scripts and bots, and be respectful toward the Shein support team. That should give you an all-clear.

Final Words:

So it is clear why your Shein account is suspended and how to unsuspend it.

If appealing does not recover your account, follow the alternative to create a new one and maintain the suggestions to keep it in good standing and prevent it from getting suspended again.

Now that you know how to recover your Shein account, it is important for you to know Is Sheglam safe?  and Is Sheglam FDA- approved?


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