Is Sheglam Shein? Is Sheglam Owned by Shein?

Has it ever happened to you that you got Sheglam recommendations from your friend, but when you looked for them on Shein, you did not find anything?

Trust me. You are not alone. A lot of you are confused, and rightly so, asking about it.

So why is Sheglam not on Shein? Aren’t they the same brand? Is Sheglam Shein? Is Sheglam Owned by Shein? Let’s sort it out today.

Why Is Sheglam Not On Shein? Is Sheglam Shein?

So here is an overview of both brands. Shein is a fast fashion e-commerce manufacturer of women’s, kids’, and men’s fashion products, including shoes, jewelry, apparel, and others.

On the other hand, Sheglam, a cosmetics company, sells beauty, skincare, and body care products. It stepped into the industry in 2019 and has all the beauty products you want – highlighters, concealers, foundations, eyeliners, mascaras, facewashes, lip balms, lipsticks, etc.

There are pop-up stores of both brands, and they have online platforms like mobile apps and websites to sell their products.

Now, why do you not find Sheglam products on Shein and Is Sheglam Shein?

Although Sheglam is one of Shein’s beauty brands, its operations are independent of Shein. It is affiliated with Shein for investment purposes.

So, its products may not always be available on Shein, in which case you will have to look for them separately on Sheglam’s own websites.

Is Buying Sheglam Shein Products Different From Buying Them From Sheglam’s?

Sheglam Website
Sheglam Website


The prices of Sheglam makeup essentials on Shein are the same as those priced by Sheglam.

However, you will get more discounts and sales on Shein than on Sheglam. For example, Shein threshold discounts include $10 off on purchases over $90, $25 over $140, and $25 over $210.

So, although the pricing is the same, a buyer can save more bucks by buying Sheglam from Shein in bulk purchases.

Product Quality:

Sheglam has earned a good reputation over the years for its budget-friendly beauty products, keeping the quality par with the price.

If you get a cheaper deal for the same product on Shein, do not think the quality is lower there.

As mentioned earlier, Shein often comes with offers that give you the chance to purchase at a lower price. But the quality stays the same.

Payment Systems:

Both brands accept various payment systems, but Shein gives you more options. You can use Venmo, PayPal, Klarna, Afterpay, Zip, or a debit or credit card to pay on Shein.

However, it is limited in the case of Sheglam. It will require you to have a credit card, a debit card, or a PayPal account.

Shipping And Product Delivery:

Sheglam and Shein both are online-based fashion brands with worldwide shipping facilities. Their warehouses take 1 to 3 days to process all orders.

There are more than 150 countries where Shein offers express and standard shipping. But Sheglam mostly has standard shipping, with the exception of some countries where it has express shipping available.

Shein’s delivery time and cost vary depending on a user’s residence and shipping option. On the contrary, Sheglam takes around a month to deliver its products, and it is generally fixed for all countries where it ships.

You will get free shipping benefits from Shein if your order exceeds a particular amount, conditioned to your country and related policies. But you will get that from Sheglam for at least a $50 order, regardless of wherever you live.

Return And Exchange Policies:

You can return anything to Shein within 35 days of buying it, no questions asked. But you can only take it back to Sheglam if it is defective. Plus, the product condition has to be perfect. Or else the brand will not take it from you.

About refunding, Sheglam will process it for you within 3 days of your return request. Shein will take as long as 7 working days.

Should I Not Buy Sheglam Products From Shein?

Shein Website
Shein Website

If you find Sheglam products available on Shein, why shouldn’t you? It is the same product on Sheglam’s apps and other platforms.

So, as long as it is about the authenticity of the product, you can always buy Sheglam products from Shein.

However, depending on their individual sales, shipping, delivery, and other policies and practices, the total cost might vary from one to another, depending on your shipping method and living area. You can take into account all the factors and calculate which option bodes well for you.

Final Words:

So you have finally got the answer to your question – Why is Sheglam not on Shein?

Since Shein is only affiliated with but independent of Sheglam, you may not always find its products on Shein. When that happens, you can always visit Sheglam’s website and find what you need.

Wherever you buy your Sheglam makeup from, Shein or Sheglam, the quality will be no different.

Now that you know Sheglam is owned by Shein, you may need how to delete shein account important. Check it out!


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